∞ Infinity

We give back to the world, for eternity.
Infinity is our philanthropic endeavour in which we give back to the world. It's our way of saying thanks to everybody who contributes to Zevelop as a Creator or as a Customer. 

Embracing creativity, developing lives.

At Zevelop, the only thing we're focused on is originality and creativity despite the geographical location of our creators. The beauty of technology is that anybody from any part of the world can work and earn money. A Creator from a more developed country is no superior than a Creator from a less developed country. All our Creators receive the same respect and good treatment regardless of location, age, gender and religion.

Teaching tech skills to less developed countries for free. 

We invest heavily into providing seminars and workshops to individuals who would like to start creating and selling on Zevelop but don't have the knowledge and experience to do so as they cannot afford to enrol in an education institute. We cover all expenses so that our students can attend our courses for free.

Creating more digital entrepreneurs

Life is all about helping one another and we understand this fact. We want to create as many digital entrepreneurs as possible by investing into their education and experience and equip with them with the skills that they can use to create amazing digital content that can be sold on Zevelop so that they may earn great money.

Providing facilities to the less privileged  

The basic necessities of life; food, water, clothing, shelter. We ensure that our help gets to those who need it, regardless of location. Only when the basic necessities are covered, can one gain the courage to start their entrepreneurship endeavour.

Donating books to schools 

We have pledged to donate 100,000 books per year to primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities from all over the world.

“We want the best for everyone who really wants to develop their lives. We hope with Infinity, we may create more digital entrepreneurs that can ultimately develop their lives and of those that they love.” - Zeshan Zevelop (Founder & CEO of Zevelop)

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