The Luxury Short-Term Property Rental Platform.

Hand-selected luxury properties from all over the world.

Zevelop is one of the leading platforms for luxury short-term rentals in the UK and Internationally. We work directly with our Hosts to offer our guests truly spectacular places that feels just like home. Our collection of hand-selected properties spanning all of the top destinations in the world includes all the amenities that you can ever ask for. This means that you can book with confidence knowing that your next Zevelop booking is going to be a 5-star experience rest-assured.

Luxury without breaking the bank.

Experience a luxury lifestyle like a local at affordable rates. Perhaps you are planning to live in an area but would like to experience it before-hand before purchasing, or you are travelling with your family and would like to stay in an ultra-luxurious property that feels just like home with your family rather than a boring hotel. Whatever your requirements are, know that we at Zevelop have got you covered.

An esteemed guest base of quality stayers.

We are catered towards an esteemed guest base with a strict registration requirement policy. Simply put, every single one of our guests must be verified before being able to book and stay at our of our luxurious properties.

5 star service from start to finish. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We pride ourselves on providing a smooth and luxurious experience from start to finish. This means from the moment you book on our website/app, to the Host, the Property and everything in between. It has to be 5 star, nothing less. We audit every single property on a regular basis to ensure it's up to our standards. If something is not right, we make it right.

Partnered Hosts are like family.

It's not easy becoming a Zevelop Host. All our Hosts Properties are meticulously checked and have to be absolutely perfect before being approved. We check every minor detail in a property to ensure that nothing is left unchecked, from the visual aspects, amenities, functionality, safety features, right down to the aroma! But that's just not all, we also ensure that all our Hosts are respectful, courteous and professional. After all each of our guests represents Zevelop, so it's important that they represent Zevelop in the best manner possible.

More than just a bed and breakfast service.

When you book with Zevelop, you are booking an experience. Something that you and your family will always remember positively. We live and breathe guest satisfaction and will always work to ensure that our guests are satisfied staying at any of our properties around the world. Our esteemed guests mean the world to us!

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