Zevelop® aims to be the largest online marketplace for homeware, furniture, DIY and building supplies the UK.

We list luxury and top-grade products at a fraction of the price compared to high-street brands. Plus you'll be supporting your local merchants and manufacturers too.

Here at Zevelop, we believe in sustainable growth and supporting local businesses. This is why we work closely with our merchants and manufacturers all over the UK to help them increase their online sales volume.

Top quality products from reputable merchants nationwide

Zevelop is one of the leading marketplaces for DIY, home improvement products and building supplies. We work directly with our Merchants to offer our customers truly top-quality products without breaking the bank. Our collection of hand-selected products means that your home/project is going to look absolutely fabulous! You can buy with confidence knowing that your order is going to be 5-star rest-assured.

Quality at affordable rates.

Get your hands on exceptional quality products at affordable rates. We check all products listed on Zevelop to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Whatever your requirements are, know that we at Zevelop have got you covered.

An esteemed customer base.

We are catered towards an esteemed customer base who have a high expectation of quality standards. Rest assured we take care of the checks to ensure all products reach our customers in pristine condition.

5 star service from start to finish. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We pride ourselves on providing a smooth shopping experience from start to finish. This means from the moment you make a purchase on our website/app, we get right at work! Our Merchants start preparing your order and either our dedicated team of couriers will bring it to you directly or it will be mailed securely to you via a partnered courier. All tracking information will be shared with you.

Partnered Merchants are like family.

It's not easy becoming a Zevelop Merchant. All our Merchants' Products are meticulously checked and have to be absolutely perfect before being approved. We check every minor detail in each Product to ensure that nothing is left unchecked, from the visual aspects, quality, functionality, safety features, right down to each minute detail! But that's just not all, we also ensure that all our Merchants are respectful, courteous and professional. After all, each of our Merchants represent Zevelop, so it's important that they represent Zevelop in the best manner possible.

24/7x365 customer service.

When you purchase with Zevelop, we are there with you every step of the way. We will always keep you updated with every step of the process from packaging to delivery. Should you have any questions or queries regarding your order, we will be more than happy to live chat with you or discuss over the phone via our dedicated customer service line.

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