With Zevelop’s bespoke ZEVOLVE™ Program, you’ll always be up to date and ahead of the competition. From design and user experience, to features and performance, your shop will be continuously optimised and improved at no extra cost, without you lifting a finger.

What is ZEVOLVE™ and why?

At Zevelop, your business succeeding online is our number one priority. A huge factor to your store's success is ensuring that it always looks, feels and works perfectly, and that's where we come in.

Websites get outdated, they don’t with Zevelop

Say bye-bye to outdated, under-performing websites. It’s our mission to ensure that your store will always be in updated selling conditions. Using only the latest features, themes and functionality that shout success.

Guaranteed to improve your online business

After helping many online businesses, we’ve mastered the art of eCommerce and we know what to look out for. A few small tweaks to your design or store structure could be the difference between success and failure online.

We’ll do all the hard work for you

While you’re busy running your business, our ZEVOLVE™ Team will review your Zevelop store and suggest tweaks, fixes and improvements from design to usability and beyond. Once you approve, we'll do the work at no extra cost, leaving you in the best and updated selling condition.

“Our customers success is our success. We only want the best for our customers, for their stores to develop and work faster. We will do whatever it takes so all our customers can thrive in the competitive ecommerce universe.” - Zeshan Zevelop (Founder & CEO of Zevelop)

Our customers love our ZEVOLVE™ Program, you will too

ZEVOLVE™ is one of our most sought after features. Our store performance analysis shows that businesses that have experienced ZEVOLVE™ are more likely to succeed online.

How does it work?

When you request ZEVOLVE™, our ZEVOLVE™ team will check your website and offer advice, design changes and fix any mistakes. You'll then be able to approve these changes and reap all the benefits.

1. Request ZEVOLVE™ in your store

You can request ZEVOLVE™ in your Zevelop store. You can request ZEVOLVE™ once every six months.

2. The ZEVOLVE™ Team will visit your store

Our team of experienced eCommerce experts will take a look at your shop and suggest design amendments, tweaks and fixes to improve your store.

3. Review your improvements

You'll be notified when your suggested improvements are ready to see, you'll then be able to accept or decline these changes.

4. We’ll implement the new updates

Approve the changes and the ZEVOLVE™ Team will implement these for you to look at in your Test Shop, once you're happy we'll put the changes live and you can reap the benefits.

How often can I request it?

You can request it once every 6 months at no extra cost.

If you'd like it more frequently, it will cost £299 per request.


+6 months money-back guarantee!