Allison Homes

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Larkfleet House, Falcon Way, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 0FF

About Allison Homes

Allison Homes is a local housebuilding company committed to providing high quality traditionally-built homes for local people. It is a brand that has been brought back to life after nearly a decade.

Throughout the nineties, under the ownership of Karl Hick, Allison Homes grew into a successful and recognised household name that enjoyed an excellent local reputation. The company was later sold to a major national housebuilder. Karl reacquired the rights to the Allison Homes brand and the company has been reborn as part of The Larkfleet Group of Companies. It is building on the strong reputation of the name by providing high quality properties for the homebuyers of today.

Current Developments By Allison Homes

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